This West Virginia farmhouse has a dazzlingly modern family room

Everybody needs some time off. But a simpler alternative to worrying about hotels and extensive itineraries is investing in a vacation home that's away from it all. Nestled in the greenery of West Virginia, this chapel of a farmhouse combines city aesthetics with the comforts of country living.
AIA architect Justine KinghamAIA architect Justine Kingham expanded the scale of a traditional farmhouse. Everything goes up: taller ceilings and taller windows create more breathing room, while wooden panelling clads the house in vertical strips instead of horizontal lines. The windows are pre-fab and therefore, easy-to-maintain.
The main room mimics those same chapel lines that are seen on the exteriors. The room is flooded with pristine sunshine that brightens the room's bold accents. Furniture is kept neutral so it doesn't overwhelm the space.
The central hallway is lined with glass doors on all sides to maximise the light. Each room opens onto the next, creating a very public space.
The galley kitchen is so streamlined that nothing gets in the way. Steel bar stools and the dramatic round kitchen hood over the central island create a very contemporary space.
The spiral staircase brings flowing lines into the more angular structure, providing a soft transition to the upstairs living area.
This room is breathtaking, thanks to the sweeping pointed arches extending from the windows. This full-shaped structure reflects light directly onto the quiet sitting area.
From the outside of this quiet rural house, you would never expect the dramatic symphony of light and space that plays within! 
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