Check out this New and Improved Atlanta Farmhouse

This freshly-renovated home is the brainchild of Atlanta interior designer, Anisa Darnell of Truth and Co. Home.  Anisa has taken this contemporary home and reworked it to suit her family's needs and her take on modern farmhouse design.  While the home does feature many new materials, such as the gorgeous white kitchen, it also has retained some of its original charm.  These existing elements include the stone floor in the entrance and the fireplace surround. Instead of tearing out every last surface in the home, Anisa chose to work around some of these aspects, and the end product is stunning. 
For home renovation enthusiasts Anisa's approach is truly refreshing and completely attainable.  It shows that for the sake of the budget, without taking away from the design, a home can take on an entirely new look without requiring a complete overhaul.  In addition, new touches like wooden beams and shiplap accents create touch of farmhouse appeal that everyone is sure to love.
The installation of a front door with a large window supplies this cozy front entrance with loads of natural light.
Shaker-style cabinets and a shiplap backsplash inject this modern kitchen with a touch of farmhouse.
A bank of windows and a comfortable window seat frame this gorgeous kitchen.
This spacious kitchen island features a large farmhouse sink and striking, wood-and-metal bar stools.
This roomy dining room features more light-filtering windows and simple, industrial pendants.
Rather than painting or completely reworking the original fireplace, Anisa chose to work with it by accenting it with a simple, lettered piece of artwork.
From the gray pocket door to the rectangular basin sink and hanging mirror,there are so many delightful features in this bathroom.
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