Step inside and tour this remarkable Oregon farmhouse

A lazy breeze floats across the wide, wraparound porch as you sip sweet tea and listen to the soothing sounds of ice cubes clinking in your glass. You can almost hear the laughter and conversations as you imagine rocking on the porch, watching fireflies dance across the lawn. 
This 7-acre, sunlight-filled farmhouse in Virginia sits on a lush green expanse and provides country living and relaxation at its most elegant. With recent updates and renovations by the owners, the house went on the market with a more classic look and feel. The proverbial white picket fence makes the property even more magical, creating a traditional "home sweet home" vibe.
The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home was originally built in 1923, and the quiet location is just one of the cozy cottage's many perks. The airy, white living room faces large windows that allow in plenty of sunlight. A sleek fireplace offers low-key luxury to this comfortable, cozy room. 
The kitchen combines clean white shelving and cabinets with glossy wooden countertops to provide a surprisingly modern look while still retaining an air of days gone by. Contemporary stainless-steel appliances offer just the right amount of newness without losing the down-home feel. 
Heading into the master bedroom, you find the room bathed in sunshine. A wall of windows creates a perfect place to rejuvenate yourself after a long day. Muted neutral shades and dark cherry furniture create a pleasing contrast and give the room texture and visual appeal. 
Porcelain fixtures and a clawfoot bathtub create an old-fashioned bathroom that harks back to days gone by. The tub sits beneath a window, making it feel like you're bathing in light instead of water. White flooring and light fixtures complete the room.
French doors open into a newly added dining room, with light flooding in from windows and more French doors that lead to the outside. The true treat of this room lies in the beauty beyond the doors -- a gorgeous stone patio that features some of the most breathtaking views you've ever seen. Picture a dinner party with soft music playing, plenty of flowers and your closest friends enjoying the scenery from your dining room, with the doors wide open to welcome nature inside. 
Let's face it, you can't beat a view like this. Pictured is Mt. Adams and the Hood River Valley. 
The home also features a beautiful guest house that was completely renovated, complete with a cozy kitchen and adorable loft. 
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