The Historic Wilson Farm is Country Living At Its Best

Originally built in 1771, the Wilson Farm in Bedford, MA is the epitome of wholesome. A gorgeous country home with four bedrooms and three bathrooms, this house is a piece of history that positively oozes charm. Although this historic farmhouse has maintained the original components that make it so unique, it has also been given modern updates in order to contribute to the ease of daily life. An absolutely one-of-a-kind home, the Wilson Farm is the centerpiece of this idyllic property.
Encompassing 2,434 square feet, the Wilson Farm is nestled in an area rife with greenery and surrounded by shade-providing trees. A well-kept lawn leads up to the front of this farmhouse, which is accented perfectly by the traditional columns adorning its porch.
Can you imagine a better place to sip a glass of iced tea while relaxing in a rocking chair?
This country home's dining room features a decorative brick fireplace that adds to its rustic charm. Wide pine flooring and fresh flowers finish off this gorgeous room. 
The ceiling of the Wilson Farm's living room is like no other. Completely constructed of wood panels and accented by exposed beams, this ceiling helps to create a room that is absolutely full of character. In addition to the detailed and ornate woodwork featured in this room, multiple windows create a space that is full of light and effortlessly comfortable.
An updated kitchen creates the ideal space for the gourmet chef. With cherry cabinets and granite counters modeled in the likeness of soapstone, this room integrates modern technologies with the rich historical character of the home. 
Just over a decade ago, this spacious sitting room was added to the property in order to provide extra room for entertaining and making memories. A fireplace takes center stage here, ensuring that this home's occupants will stay warm and cozy all year 'round. 
Like the kitchen, the Wilson Farm's bathrooms have also been updated with components that fit with this historic home's aesthetic. Warm furnishings combine with luxurious modern technologies to create a beautiful, simplistic space, as can be seen here. 
This adorable outdoor potting and gardening nook allows for easy access to gardening tools and supplies. And with such a gorgeously tended expanse of garden, who wouldn't want to spend time outdoors?
In addition to this country home's manicured lawns and gardens, it also comes with space for outdoor entertaining, such as this patio. The picturesque views of the New England countryside make for a wonderful backdrop for summer get-togethers with close friends and family. 
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