Maine Farmhouse blends old and new together

This Kennebunkport, Maine Farmhouse is an old-fashioned classic, one that harnesses the best design features of a contemporary home with the rustic charms of an old country house. The house looks perfectly at place in the snow, with a farm dog running around the property. Parts of the home were built with pieces of old barns and buildings from the surrounding area. 
The homeowner told Maine Home Design that the home “...maintains a personality, a kind of soul that needs caring for. We are just the present pulse that keeps it going.” 
The interior of the home was constructed uses pieces of old barns and Farmhouses in the area. The supports and some of the furniture have been recycled and given a new life.
The kitchen is spacious and has a large counter and center island to prepare meals. The kitchen even has a fireplace to stay warm during cold winter months!
The countertops and mirror frames in the bathroom are made of aged, distressed wood to accentuate the home's country Farmhouse aesthetic. 
Rooms on the upper floors of the house have a slanted roof, giving the rooms a unique sense of geometry.
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